Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Have No Idea About What I'm Going to Wear Tonight

Tonight is Ross' crazy liquor and cheeseburger party (or something) tonight and I cannot go because I'm going to one of my BFF's birthday party. I'm still hoping I can sneak in an early appearance at the liquor party before I head out to Kits just to say hi and look hot and have the boys glare at me with lust (any attention is good attention!). I would also like to maybe hit up the mall and try and find something to wear. I WANT NEW HEELS!!!!! I wore my cute black ones for my grad ceremony on Thursday, and I forgot how much I miss wearing them (until about three hours later when the balls of my feet are aching). I also want to get another cardigan in white possibly annnnnnd I definitely need to finish laundry soon. SO MANY THINGS TO DO THIS WEEKEND! Also, my little nephew is 2 today! How crazy is that?

I'm really digging the SW music choices (anywhere from The Strokes to The Ramones to The Clash to Blue Monday to Britney Spears to PARIS HILTON???) And I just downloaded a bunch and can't stop listening to these songs which is kind of depressing I think. As well, I cannot stop listening to The Dudes who are a great, great, great Canadian band from Calgary (another good thing about Calgary, who would have thought)

Umm, so I guess that's all I want to say in this shitstorm excuse for a blog.

Oh! I got a sketch notebook yesterday and drew an octopus with pencil crayons. I like it.

So basically in closing, here is a picture of me with the Valedictorian of our grad class (we survived dinosaur class)

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