Monday, March 30, 2009

Revelations #1

  • After reading the first page of Matt Good's Twitter, I just kind of feel bad for him. Dude, you need to get over your fear of people and find a good woman. I know that bitch fucked you over, but trust me, not all women are like that. I will make you a good dinner (that isn't ravioli or mr. noodles) any day.
  • Black cat rubbing up against Twilight. o0o0o00o0o what does it mean?? (I haven't read the book, I borrowed it intending to read it, but I just can't bring myself to start. It's just not my kind of fiction, but I guess I'll give it a try)
  • I need a massage. Really badly.
  • I miss my Q girls more than almost anyone.

Study, Study, Study

The worst part of graduating from Douglas with my Associate of Arts Degree is that now that I (kind of) know what I want to do with school, it's totally useless except for three courses. What's even worse is the fact that I have to go back to high school to take 5 courses so I can be prepared to go into my field. How weird is it to think that I would be going into sciences? I'm baffled by the thought constantly.

Speaking of high school, I've been graduated for almost three years, and I still miss it. I miss the connections I had with my friends and being able to see them every day (whereas now I rarely ever see anyone unless I bump into them. Working for friendships is too hard), but for what it's worth, I really miss the drama. I have absolutely no drama in my life and I feel like a big lamewad. I was reading one of my journals last night and the last half of it is all drama filled and fun. I guess that's just what happens when we all grow up?

I really need to start going out more often. My work schedule is killing me. Between work and school, I normally have one day off (Fridays usually) which doesn't help me at all because everyone else has normal jobs that go Mon-Fri. Anyways, wah wah wah complaining is a waste of time and no one cares.

I will however complain about this:
Jesse and Vinnie from one of my all time favourite bands (Brand New, duh) were stuck in Seattle after the whole volcano incident in Alaska, so what did they decide to do? Play an impromptu acoustic show the next day (this past saturday). I COULD HAVE GONE TO THIS!!!! But noooo, I had to work. Then on Sunday, my guilty pleasure band was playing a cheap, afternoon, all ages show at the Commodore which I really wanted to see, but couldn't because once again, I had to work. What's really unfortunate? I went to work yesterday feeling really awful and my manager sent me home. I had been discussing calling in sick so much with Jenn so I could go out with her and Julie for Julie's birthday that I made myself sick for real.

Lyphe sux. Oh well, I'm over it. 24 is on tonight and I'm actually in the mood to watch it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

From I Am America (And So Can You):

RE: the Motion Picture Production Code of 1930

"If a scene includes a train entering a tunnel, the tunnel shall not be portrayed as enjoying it"

Apparently my blog would be better if it included some gossip, but I know none and everyone knows I have no imagination, soooo.....


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Random Thought:

Do you ever have issues listening to songs because you can't get through them without bawling your eyes out? Well I have a few of those, and I'd just like to say that after almost THREE years, I can finally listen to Truffle Pigs again. I'm still having issues with these ones:

  • Generation X-Wing (acoustic)
  • Advertising on Police Cars
  • You Were Meant For Me
  • Fever Dream

PS, I'm not stoked on working all weekend.

Friday, March 27, 2009

RE: Last blog

My good pal (and creeper extraordinaire) Stu has informed me that apparently Red Eye is a satirical news show. If this is true (I meant to stay up last night to watch it, but forgot), it's not really satire, i thought satire was supposed to be intelligent. Oh well.

On a completely different note, I work all weekend and I'm really not pleased. I was super stoked to go to an 80's theme party downtown at Library Square, but no, no, I'm scheduled to work at 830AM on Sunday morning. How awful is that? Especially because there is already someone scheduled for that shift, and the bench area (where all the dough making, etc happens) is full. I guess I'll try and talk my way out of it if my manager is in tomorrow. I'm upset with my job, I thought I would be happy working somewhere where I don't have to interact with customers, but it turns out that means very rare interaction with even my co-workers. AGHH!!!. I'm just frustrated I guess. I hate working. Hello rich men? Where are you?? I'm sick of working. Make me your wife and I will do delicious things for (to) you!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

This Shouldn't Make Me Upset, But it Does.

I don't even know if this is supposed to be serious (which I'm guessing it is because it's from a "legitimate" news station. HAH)
Well basically a synopsis: Some douchebags are sitting around talking about Canada pulling out their troops from Afghanistan for a year because they don't have the manpower to fix tanks, etc, etc, etc. All this clip is is a bunch of apparently very uneducated people throwing punches at Canada. Here's a list of things they say which are faulty:

  • No one wears white capris.
  • Yes, Canada is fighting a war that's not theirs.
  • Yes, Canada shares a border with the US, but there is no way that America is the most powerful country in the "universe". Sorry America, but where exactly do you think you'd be if China wasn't around?
  • The RCMP clothing they are talking about is not what RCMP officers wear on a daily basis, or regular basis, or semi-regular basis. The red jacket, brown boots, ugly hat deal is only for the most special or important cases (ex: When a police officer has been shot while on duty). As well, the RCMP aren't the only police in Canada! There are provincial police as well as municipal police which are only affiliated with the RCMP in as they follow the same laws/rules etc. The biggest difference is what's painted on their cars and how much money they make.
  • Canada not a smart culture? I'm sorry, is this coming from the same "reporters" and guests who are making these very claims? Ok, thanks for coming out.
  • Canada does not rely on the USA as much as the USA thinks we do, and what's even worse is that the average American doesn't realize how much THEY rely on us. We are one of america's biggest trading partners, and without us the economy would be severely hurt.... well hurt even more than it is now... As well, I do recall America owing an incredible amount of money to BC Hydro because of their whole power issue deal a few years back (think California).
  • I do believe that the one time America and Canada were in a war together Canada won and America got their White House burned down.

This is all I can do without seeing red. The worst part is that I don't even consider myself a proud Canadian. I hate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and I hate the government of the early 80's for being soft in regards to Quebec and the whole Meech Lake Accord issue and other Accords during that time. I don't even know what Canadian pride is, there is so much "multiculturalism" running rampant in this country that Canada itself, before the waves of asian/european immigration in the late 19th/early 20th century. The only thing I am certain about, is that multiculturalism makes for bitter citizens who have been here from birth, and provokes racism.

Ok, I think I'm done. Sorry for that.

You're looking good, just like a snake in the grass

One of these days you're going to break your glass.
Don't bring me down
no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Most kids grew up on "classic" rock like the beatles, or the stones. I grew up on ELO, the petshop boys and the grease soundtrack. No wonder why I'm so weird.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The liquid engineers left the pool heater on too long, and at night, chlorine vapors rose above the plant life of the planet, and i
imagined my flesh,
being inside the pool, being warm, and protected, feeling gravity, but able to moch it as I floated. Would you float with me now, if I asked you, would you jump in the pool and not even bother to strip? Could I strip you down, remove your clothing and we would fall inside the water together?

It scares me.

I don't want to lose you. I can't imagine ever feeling this strongly about anything, or anyone ever again.
This was unexpected, my soul's connection to you.
You stole my loneliness
No one knows that I was wishing for you, a thief, to enter my house of autonomy, that I had locked my doors but my
Windows were open, hoping, but not believing, you would enter.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I feel as though when reading my blog, it should be done in a quick way? I just did this, I guess being a fast reader, or whatever, and it just makes more sense.

Anyhoo, here's a picture I like, it's basically the theme of all the art in my room.

Yes, all the art in my room is foggy and of dead trees (or of winter beaches). Whatever. I love my dead trees, they are beautiful, delicate skeletons.

If I had the opportunity to either have a pen and a pad of paper with me, or a computer I would write down all my random thoughts (like the character Dan of Microserfs, but not for the same reasons as him) and see where that takes me. I bet it would either be extremely strange, or totally lame.

PS, I totally had an excellent weekend, and I would really love for a reunion!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Did I Mention??

The 1/2 Alive website doesn't work apparently (pay your bills you fucking bums) so I've had to look for new ways to get my face on the internet (go figure). So with that, I give you thecobrasnake (Mark?). He came up from LA to partake in the festivities of the 2 year anniversary of Blastramp (which one of my favourite dj's, My!Gay!Husband!, is the resident dude who presses play on a macbook) and take pictures. Well, I'm definitely not indie, and I'm DEFINITELY not a hipster, however, I will stick my face infront of a camera lens (by the by, this reminds me - SARAH UPLOAD THOSE PICTURES!) anywhere, no matter how sick I look.
So for your viewing pleasure, me (totally sober) in a bar full of people who are either a) drunk b) on drugs or c) both a and b.

Hi funny bangs and one dimple. Also, resizing fucked the quality. whatever

A Good Quote...

If it wasn't already obvious by my blog up top picture deeler, I love Douglas Coupland. I've read all of his books except for one which was only printed in Japan, in Japanese (shucks). Anyways, I was just reading Microserfs today, and I want to share this quote with you, internet.


RE: falling in love

The two of you start talking about your feelings and your feelings float outside of you like vapours, and the mix together like a fog. Before you realize it, the two of you have become the same mist and you realize you can never return to being just a lone cloud again, because the isolation would be intolerable.

...And when you meet someone and fall in love, and they fall in love with you, you ask them, "Will you take my heart - stains and all?" and they say, "I will." and they ask you the same question, and you say, "I will." too.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just Stopping By...

To say that I love Iron & Wine. And these lyrics

You will never make me
learn to lay beneath the mountain
Cause I'll only
Down by the waterside at night

I guess that's it. I have time to spare between my classes.

Oh, and I guess this little tidbit;

In my philosophy class I just had, we had to watch a video (VHS of course) and pick out the argument and subarguments. Well, this video was about how eating meat is bad and all the reasons it's bad for you. Good lord, I haven't seen an argument so full of holes in so long. The whole thing looked like it was funded by PETA, awful images of animal cruelty and all. The only thing I thought would be redeeming was this little segment about cow waste. I thought, oh, maybe it will discuss the amount of methane produced by cows and how it's causing a huge problem in the atmosphere (apparently), fueling global warming, blah, blah, blah (I don't want to get started on my stance with global warming. I could write a book with my opinions). But no, it was about how manure is seeping into groundwater causing birth defects. Ok, thanks Erin Brokovich, we've all heard the story before. So enter a very worried "neighbour" (you know she's worried because she uses the word about 15 times within 2 minutes) crying over nitrates in her water causing some birth defect with her child. If it's that much of an issue, you move. I bet she still consumes dairy products.

Ok, that's enough now. Gotta save battery life for when I actually need my computer in class.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some of Them Want to Abuse You, Some of Them Want to be Abused

I honestly have no idea why I'm still awake, but I'm blogging anyways.

I fell asleep while I was tanning today. It was so incredibly comfortable and relaxing (Hi, Summer? Where are you? I need you ASAP!). I don't even know how I made it through work today, or how I'm even still awake now. The saddest part about all of this is how I wasn't even up THAT late last night. It's just that I was out and didn't sleep at home. I'm too old for that kind of stuff. Give me my bed and a 1030 bedtime please. Anyways, this blog has no real point so I'll make it kind of a reminder of what's up this weekend.

  • School
  • Tanning @ 4
  • Head out to Kits (if Jenn isn't working, which she most likely won't be)
  • All you can eat sush on Robson
  • Bourbon for the 2 year anniversary of Blastramp


  • Chill with Jenn, maybe devise new awesome silly plans


  • Photoshoot with my Sur-ah downtown hopefully!
  • I actually don't work Sunday so I could do something in the evening that doesn't involve watching SNL two hours earlier and passing out before 12.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

SNL is on, I Should be Sleeping

I went to my Babi's (grandma's) house tonight and we looked at old slides from when we were all in Prague together. It was great, I'm probably the only person my age who actually enjoys slides and sometimes even prefers them! I love the nostalgia they bring. It's just great.
Also, I invited myself to join my parents on the road trip they've decided to go on this summer. I am super stoked beyond words. I even convinced them to do the drive along the coastal highway so I can see the Oregon coast because I've never been and it's the one place in the states (aside from Montauk) that I really, really, really want to go to. SO YAY!! This means I get to see the amazing beaches, a weird bridge, and the sea lion caves, as well as the dunes. I almost wish we were going now so I could see the beaches in their winter form (which I sometimes prefer over summer beaches). I'm going to bring a bunch of disposable cameras and use those to take pictures. I'm all about that this year I've decided. No more digital, nostalgic photos only (because I got a scanner)
This also reminds me that I STILL need to develop my black and white film from my Minolta. I'm having a hard time bringing myself to do it though. I really wanted to develop it and print the photos myself. Oh well. Maybe the next set.

PS, I'm just totally obsessed with Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap and Kids by MGMT right now. Just sayin'

Friday, March 13, 2009

This is a List of Attractive Males in Bands

Jesse Lacey. Need I say more? Yes. When this man was standing maybe three feet away from me, I saw so awstruck by his man-beauty that I physically could not move. No one has ever done that to me before, or again.

The Lonely Island boys. Please look at Jorma's face. It's just priceless.

Tyson Ritter before the cocaine look. Maybe back when The Last Song or Swing Swing first came out. Also apparently he's a model now? Weird.

Tim Armstrong. No amount of heroin could make this man unnatractive to me.

Jay Malinowski from Bedouin Soundclash. His voice is kind of annoying, but just look at that mug.
And this is all I can think of right now. Time to clean the drool off of my keyboard.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Don't Like MySpace.

Enough said.

PS, to those whose blogs I creep too often, please update. I mean, what else am I to do with my life.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Control Yourself, Take Only What You Need From Him

These are some things I'm totally enjoying right now

  • English Breakfast/ Earl Grey tea. Tea makes me calm for some reason and I'm quite at ease right now.
  • 24
  • House
  • Kids - MGMT
  • The Lonely Island (I haven't been able to get enough of Bing Bong Brothers)
  • Not drinking every weekend (Lent is making me stronger and that's good. I'm so incredibly glad I can go out to parties and have a really fun time sober)
  • Dumbass (my cat)
  • Friends. The show, not my actual friends. This show is the most comforting thing in my life. That's probably really fucked.
  • Winter beaches (if it's gorgeous on Friday, I'm going to English Bay)
  • Constantly remembering that I'm less than a month away from finishing my courses and graduating!!
  • My favourite texting buddy
  • Silly, SILLY voicemails from my boys
  • Tanning
  • Blogs. I'm so obsessed with blogs. I think it's because I'm naturally just a really nosy person and I want to know everything about everyone, even if I don't know the person. I wish all my friends had blogs.

These are some things I'm not quite enjoying right now:

  • Having an all white uniform for work. I feel like I should be out lynching. It's awful
  • The weather. I can deal with the cold (thank you working in a freezer constantly/my last trip to Alberta), but I CANNOT deal with anymore snow. If I had any amount of money to spend I would take a weekend off and just fly down to LA when the forecast is a good one and just enjoy the sun and come back refreshed.
  • I have tons of scratches from work and they are really annoying and sting!
  • My knee and its issues
  • The fact that Rancid is OPENING for another (shitty) band and when I went to go buy tickets the day after they went onsale, floor seats were already sold out. Sorry, sitting at a Rancid concert just does not compute.
  • Brand New never being on tour and how probably my one and only regret is not meeting Jesse Lacey when he was standing 5 feet away from me. No one has ever made me freeze before. He did. It was scary, I couldn't move at all. I was just in total awe of his being.

I'm really glad my dislikes list is fairly petty. This is a good sign. My Momma keeps telling me that I seem in better mood now and have been since I quit the Q for real. I like being in a better mood. It's healthy. I guess I also have my good friend Vitamin D to thank (thank you fake'n'bake. You make me feel so niiiiiice)

Friday, March 6, 2009

I Just Came Across This

So here I am, creeping on peoples blogs and clicking their links to other blogs, and then clicking their links and I came across this website, and I'm just minding my own business looking at the pictures when I came across this one:

So how about Grandma puking in a hotel room? I guess shotgunning that beer was too much for her to handle. I don't really have anything else to say about this except that this is probably the best picture I've seen in a really long time. Thank you, internet. I love you

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hi There, Internet

I've decided that when I am interested in something, say, an author, I should really start to look into them a little more. Today while in class, I was searching Douglas Coupland to see which of his books I've yet to read (fyi, there's only one book and not only was it only published in Japan, it's written in Japanese) and on his website was a link to his blog for the New York Times. I thought, JACKPOT! and added it to my RSS feed or whatever it's called, and then started looking at the dates of the blogs written. The latest one was from 2006. Wow. However, I found some pretty dope eye candy and that's always nice. I just love everything about Mr. Coupland.