Monday, March 23, 2009

Did I Mention??

The 1/2 Alive website doesn't work apparently (pay your bills you fucking bums) so I've had to look for new ways to get my face on the internet (go figure). So with that, I give you thecobrasnake (Mark?). He came up from LA to partake in the festivities of the 2 year anniversary of Blastramp (which one of my favourite dj's, My!Gay!Husband!, is the resident dude who presses play on a macbook) and take pictures. Well, I'm definitely not indie, and I'm DEFINITELY not a hipster, however, I will stick my face infront of a camera lens (by the by, this reminds me - SARAH UPLOAD THOSE PICTURES!) anywhere, no matter how sick I look.
So for your viewing pleasure, me (totally sober) in a bar full of people who are either a) drunk b) on drugs or c) both a and b.

Hi funny bangs and one dimple. Also, resizing fucked the quality. whatever

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