Friday, March 27, 2009

RE: Last blog

My good pal (and creeper extraordinaire) Stu has informed me that apparently Red Eye is a satirical news show. If this is true (I meant to stay up last night to watch it, but forgot), it's not really satire, i thought satire was supposed to be intelligent. Oh well.

On a completely different note, I work all weekend and I'm really not pleased. I was super stoked to go to an 80's theme party downtown at Library Square, but no, no, I'm scheduled to work at 830AM on Sunday morning. How awful is that? Especially because there is already someone scheduled for that shift, and the bench area (where all the dough making, etc happens) is full. I guess I'll try and talk my way out of it if my manager is in tomorrow. I'm upset with my job, I thought I would be happy working somewhere where I don't have to interact with customers, but it turns out that means very rare interaction with even my co-workers. AGHH!!!. I'm just frustrated I guess. I hate working. Hello rich men? Where are you?? I'm sick of working. Make me your wife and I will do delicious things for (to) you!!

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