Tuesday, May 26, 2009

These Are MY "Beauty" Must-haves

1) Johnson's Baby Oil
This stuff is the shit for mosturizer when your skin is dry. Slap it on after you get out of the shower (while you're still wet) and let it soak in, if you have the time of course. It dries non greasy and just feels delicious.

2) Schick Quattro Razors
The more blades the better! I've tried my fair share of razors, and these are the best. Even the disposable version is better than other disposable brands.

3) Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash
Though I don't always use this stuff, it's awesome. I'm big on anything that exfoliates, and the smell is just really familiar to me, and what originally sold me.

4) Sally Hansen Hard As Nails
I don't wear nailpolish often (due to my stupid job), but when I do, it's always this brand. It goes on really smooth, and dries really fast. I have a delicious hot pink colour and all it needs is one coat. It's even pretty resilient with cracks and chips (which I am awful with).

I don't know what else. I'm not huge on make up, and I hate the thought of spending $20 on anything that's going to go on my face. I'm totally fine with just brushing on some bronzer and layering on the mascara.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is Earth Shattering

lover I don't have to love.

Monday, May 11, 2009

May As Well Do This Now...

Regarding my previous post, and blogging about my conflicting ideologies... I'll do that another time.

Now I just want to quickly discuss how incredibly disappointed I am in myself for letting the "Twilight World" take me over so easily. Yes, I've read the first three books, yes I'm currently in the middle of finishing the fourth (Bella's currently debating going to talk to the Volturi), yes I went out and bought the last two because I couldn't stand waiting to borrow them from my cousin. I'm so disappointed in myself, but at the same time I really don't care, these books feed me what the other types of fiction I read don't (think Coupland or Palahniuk). Pretty much I'd have to say, if you're a girl, with ANY hormones whatsoever, you will enjoy this series. Also I'm still not a huge fan of Edward, and I still hate R-Pattz. However I love Jacob, I've got some werewolf lust going on, and might I add, though I shouldn't, but I will anyways.... no, I lied. I won't go there, but I'll think about it to myself and stifle a giggle.

Werewolf lust~*~*~

Thursday, May 7, 2009

This is a Reminder

***write blog about conflicting views of the world****

Today is Thursday

And I have the day off, so I've been doing laundry, and cleaning my room.

Just when I was starting to enjoy the earlier shifts at work, everything has to go and get ruined. I work the shittiest shifts all weekend, boohoo. I hate slicing bread, and I HATE running back and forth between the bakery and back cooler with racks, and of course because it's the weekend, shit is going to be busier so I'll have more bread to slice, and more racks to take back.
BOOHOOHOOHOOHOO. I mostly don't like slicing bread because it's so monotonous that my mind wanders for a good two or three hours, and it's just not a good feeling, letting my mind wander. As well, I get bread crumbs in my hair, and that's gross.

In other news...

I've officially passed my two courses, which means I graduate!! Unfortunately (for my mom at least), my plans were to leave for Calgary with Jill on the second, and my grad ceremony is on the fourth, now this wouldn't be a big deal at all, as I can come home from Calgary and pick up my diploma, but my mom is hell-bent on seeing me cross the stage, though at this point I haven't RSVP'd and my units would have to watch via closed circuit television in a classroom. I just don't see this as a big deal in my life, if anything, going to douglas was a huge 2.5 year inconvenience. I am so incredibly glad to be out of that school, so glad in fact, that I don't even care that I'll have to take highschool courses at night to upgrade my sciences so I can get into a real school... which is another issue.
Do I want to risk taking out a student loan so I can go to school in Calgary, or stay at home, live for free, and work my BUTT off so I can afford to pay my way through SFU?

PROS of going to school in calgary:
- better science program (I mean hello, I'm taking geology, no better place than the oil province of Canada)
- independence
- a chance to actually meet new people because I would have to if I wanted to survive

CONS of going to school in calgary:
- student loan I'd eventually have to pay off
- working to live (can't afford that dorm shit either way)
- I would get lonely

PROS of going to school in BC:
- live at home for free
- 20 minute commute if I go to SFU
- easier to deal with transfers
- friends

CONS of going to school in BC:
- working my butt off to afford 2-3k a semester
- finding a job that will pay me a sufficient amount, and needs to be flexible with schedules (good luck)
- program is decent
- it's almost too close to home

fudge, maybe I'll just go to UVIC, that way I still get independence, while being further from home. IDKIDKIDKIDK.