Tuesday, May 26, 2009

These Are MY "Beauty" Must-haves

1) Johnson's Baby Oil
This stuff is the shit for mosturizer when your skin is dry. Slap it on after you get out of the shower (while you're still wet) and let it soak in, if you have the time of course. It dries non greasy and just feels delicious.

2) Schick Quattro Razors
The more blades the better! I've tried my fair share of razors, and these are the best. Even the disposable version is better than other disposable brands.

3) Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash
Though I don't always use this stuff, it's awesome. I'm big on anything that exfoliates, and the smell is just really familiar to me, and what originally sold me.

4) Sally Hansen Hard As Nails
I don't wear nailpolish often (due to my stupid job), but when I do, it's always this brand. It goes on really smooth, and dries really fast. I have a delicious hot pink colour and all it needs is one coat. It's even pretty resilient with cracks and chips (which I am awful with).

I don't know what else. I'm not huge on make up, and I hate the thought of spending $20 on anything that's going to go on my face. I'm totally fine with just brushing on some bronzer and layering on the mascara.

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