Monday, May 11, 2009

May As Well Do This Now...

Regarding my previous post, and blogging about my conflicting ideologies... I'll do that another time.

Now I just want to quickly discuss how incredibly disappointed I am in myself for letting the "Twilight World" take me over so easily. Yes, I've read the first three books, yes I'm currently in the middle of finishing the fourth (Bella's currently debating going to talk to the Volturi), yes I went out and bought the last two because I couldn't stand waiting to borrow them from my cousin. I'm so disappointed in myself, but at the same time I really don't care, these books feed me what the other types of fiction I read don't (think Coupland or Palahniuk). Pretty much I'd have to say, if you're a girl, with ANY hormones whatsoever, you will enjoy this series. Also I'm still not a huge fan of Edward, and I still hate R-Pattz. However I love Jacob, I've got some werewolf lust going on, and might I add, though I shouldn't, but I will anyways.... no, I lied. I won't go there, but I'll think about it to myself and stifle a giggle.

Werewolf lust~*~*~

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