Monday, March 30, 2009

Study, Study, Study

The worst part of graduating from Douglas with my Associate of Arts Degree is that now that I (kind of) know what I want to do with school, it's totally useless except for three courses. What's even worse is the fact that I have to go back to high school to take 5 courses so I can be prepared to go into my field. How weird is it to think that I would be going into sciences? I'm baffled by the thought constantly.

Speaking of high school, I've been graduated for almost three years, and I still miss it. I miss the connections I had with my friends and being able to see them every day (whereas now I rarely ever see anyone unless I bump into them. Working for friendships is too hard), but for what it's worth, I really miss the drama. I have absolutely no drama in my life and I feel like a big lamewad. I was reading one of my journals last night and the last half of it is all drama filled and fun. I guess that's just what happens when we all grow up?

I really need to start going out more often. My work schedule is killing me. Between work and school, I normally have one day off (Fridays usually) which doesn't help me at all because everyone else has normal jobs that go Mon-Fri. Anyways, wah wah wah complaining is a waste of time and no one cares.

I will however complain about this:
Jesse and Vinnie from one of my all time favourite bands (Brand New, duh) were stuck in Seattle after the whole volcano incident in Alaska, so what did they decide to do? Play an impromptu acoustic show the next day (this past saturday). I COULD HAVE GONE TO THIS!!!! But noooo, I had to work. Then on Sunday, my guilty pleasure band was playing a cheap, afternoon, all ages show at the Commodore which I really wanted to see, but couldn't because once again, I had to work. What's really unfortunate? I went to work yesterday feeling really awful and my manager sent me home. I had been discussing calling in sick so much with Jenn so I could go out with her and Julie for Julie's birthday that I made myself sick for real.

Lyphe sux. Oh well, I'm over it. 24 is on tonight and I'm actually in the mood to watch it.

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