Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just Stopping By...

To say that I love Iron & Wine. And these lyrics

You will never make me
learn to lay beneath the mountain
Cause I'll only
Down by the waterside at night

I guess that's it. I have time to spare between my classes.

Oh, and I guess this little tidbit;

In my philosophy class I just had, we had to watch a video (VHS of course) and pick out the argument and subarguments. Well, this video was about how eating meat is bad and all the reasons it's bad for you. Good lord, I haven't seen an argument so full of holes in so long. The whole thing looked like it was funded by PETA, awful images of animal cruelty and all. The only thing I thought would be redeeming was this little segment about cow waste. I thought, oh, maybe it will discuss the amount of methane produced by cows and how it's causing a huge problem in the atmosphere (apparently), fueling global warming, blah, blah, blah (I don't want to get started on my stance with global warming. I could write a book with my opinions). But no, it was about how manure is seeping into groundwater causing birth defects. Ok, thanks Erin Brokovich, we've all heard the story before. So enter a very worried "neighbour" (you know she's worried because she uses the word about 15 times within 2 minutes) crying over nitrates in her water causing some birth defect with her child. If it's that much of an issue, you move. I bet she still consumes dairy products.

Ok, that's enough now. Gotta save battery life for when I actually need my computer in class.

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