Friday, March 13, 2009

This is a List of Attractive Males in Bands

Jesse Lacey. Need I say more? Yes. When this man was standing maybe three feet away from me, I saw so awstruck by his man-beauty that I physically could not move. No one has ever done that to me before, or again.

The Lonely Island boys. Please look at Jorma's face. It's just priceless.

Tyson Ritter before the cocaine look. Maybe back when The Last Song or Swing Swing first came out. Also apparently he's a model now? Weird.

Tim Armstrong. No amount of heroin could make this man unnatractive to me.

Jay Malinowski from Bedouin Soundclash. His voice is kind of annoying, but just look at that mug.
And this is all I can think of right now. Time to clean the drool off of my keyboard.


  1. #1 = agreed and on a side note my boyfriend looks like Tim Armstrong and I remember you and Mel telling me that after the first time I . . . .hung out with him and I was so excited I peed. (not actually)

  2. Trent does look like Tim Armstrong.. which is pretty lucky for you Sar. Good choices Jes!

  3. well I'm glad you ladies agree. when BN comes to town (i guess after their cd is finished, which will be pretty soon) we need to go together and cry when they don't play our favourite songs from your favorite weapon

  4. UMMMMM Why would they NOT play them?

  5. Tyson Ritter is the most attractive guy on this list