Sunday, April 5, 2009


It actually feels like spring. I did my psych homework and actually understood it without doing any reading into the chapter on how to do the math or anything (woo!). I was originally scheduled to work 14 hours this week, but I took up two extra shifts. Holla @ time and a half on friday. Holla @ last day of classes on Thursday. Also, why does it seems that everyone is already out of classes/will be by tuesday? This is unfair. At least my finals are in the first week of finals so I am free after the 17th!!!

I just cleaned my kitchen. I'm such a good daughter (ha. ha. ha.). I still want to try and save up for my roady trip in the summer with the units, but I also really would like to hit up Calgary in May (awwhh yaaa. So glad no one knows what that awwhh yaaa is in regards to), but I guess if Jill does make it home this week, it'll suffice, though I know it won't. I want my self esteem to rise three-fold.

I'm so boring, my blog entries always suck. Need more drama in my life.
Also readers (if there are any of you...), how do you feel about the Dig Magritte deeler I have on the side? I'm totally feeling it. I loves me some Magritte.

One last thing, I can drink next weekend. HELL YA!!! It's been a long hard road and all I want is some red wine.

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